Thank You.

Thank you to everyone who showed their support for us at the City Council Meeting on Thursday night, 18 December.  It is your support that keeps the musicians going amidst these difficult times for our organization. It was certainly an emotional evening, and although the vote to turn down the request for additional funding was disappointing, it was not unexpected. Although the line of questioning from the new London City Council was thorough, the ire of the councillors was clearly not directed at the musicians. We want to thank the councillors for asking the questions that we were unable to ask. There was a message of hope from City Council. Many council members expressed a wish to retain a symphony orchestra in London, but not under the current leadership. As the Musicians of Orchestra London, we remain committed to playing on and giving the community the opportunity to hear live music within our city. On Monday, 22 December we will be attempting our most ambitious pop-up concert yet. This will be a special interactive event for all ages (think Bugs Bunny!) with 34-musicians from Orchestra London. This is a fun and festive thank you to our community. Please join us at London International Airport (YXU), 1750 Crumlin Road, for something totally unexpected! As we find our direction forward, we will keep you up to date on how you can best help us out. Stay in touch through this website, our Facebook page, and Twitter. Soon, we will have information on how you can make a financial contribution, and in the meantime please continue to send us your thoughts, and visions for the future of orchestra music in London.


One thought on “Thank You.

  1. just came back from the airport, having listened to a group of professional musicians giving their all for the rest of us – you folks are marvellous !

    please keep us in mind if you need help . please add us to your mailing list

    we’ve had the joy of listening to you twice in a few days, and your skill is an absolute inspiration, and joy for me as a music lover.

    we’ll keep watching this site

    Richard and Linda Leverton

    ps. I saw a comment on the facebook page suggesting that the musicians should own the orchestra – in my mind, the musicians ARE the orchestra. keep up the good work, you have a lot of support in this town.


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