Make Your Voice Heard

See Us. Hear Us. Be Transformed.

Many months ago, when we announced that we would p​lay on​ beyond the challenges of the past, what we also did was signal our commitment to ensuring a diverse and thriving music culture in London. This commitment has included (and still does) occasional concerts, such as the ones coming up in November and December  but also extends to our passionate belief that orchestral music should be enjoyed by Londoners for many generations to come.

As artists and as proud members of the London community (and surrounding area), we know that to ensure a thriving arts and culture scene in London, we all need to be able to enjoy a range of diverse music.

Yes, that means engagement of the most passionate orchestral music fans, but also the development of a new generation of concert goers, champions and patrons.

With that in mind, and consistent with our ongoing commitment to London, we are undertaking a strategic renewal process this fall, beginning with a community engagement exercise. We want to understand what kind of orchestral music London is interested in and how we can ensure our future as part of London’s cultural scene.

We are excited to hear the perspectives of our passionate supporters, for whom we are eternally grateful, and also the insights of those who have not yet experienced all that orchestral concerts have to offer.

Accept our invitation to share your opinions in an online survey, the results of which will help shape our future and benefit Londoners for generations to come.

Thank you for your continued support

Make Your Voice Heard!

Tell us why orchestral music is important to you, and what place you see for it in London.



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