Media Release December 12, 2014

December 12, 2014


London, Ontario – Recent media reports have brought to light serious questions about Orchestra London’s future. While we, the orchestra’s musicians, are distressed by the current situation, we remain optimistic that we will overcome the challenges facing us. We remain committed to our mission of providing the people of London with music for all tastes, performed at the highest level.

We extend our gratitude to our supporters, and we are confident that the experience of live orchestral music is valued in our community. We were immensely grateful for the overwhelming support we received Wednesday night at the Unity Project presentation of A Christmas Carol. Every year, it is a privilege for us to be part of such a worthy cause for those in our city who are less fortunate. We were moved by the heartfelt ovation from the audience, and we would like to sincerely thank them. Their energy and enthusiasm served as a much-needed reminder that our community appreciates the work we do and the service we provide to the city.
We were disappointed to learn of the cancellation of the Red Hot Weekend concerts on Friday and Saturday. We feel that each and every concert we perform is an opportunity to connect with our audience. In that spirit, we will be serving our community by doing what we do best – making music. In the coming days, we will spread the joy and goodwill of the season by performing impromptu holiday mini-concerts in unconventional venues throughout the city. Details regarding these initiatives will be available through Twitter, @OLC_Musicians, and our Facebook page, Musicians of Orchestra London. The musicians of Orchestra London have come here from all over Canada and beyond. No matter where we play or what the circumstances, we remain committed to sharing the power and beauty of live music with all Londoners.


Media Inquiries:

Thea Boyd

Phone: 519.495.1660






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